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Windsor Brokers Free Forex Educational Videos

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    Free Forex Educational Videos​

    Windsor Brokers have introduced new Free Forex Educational Videos to benefit traders of all levels of experience.

    The topics covered are as follows:

    MT4 Tutorials

    Everything you need to know about Windsor MT4, the world's most advanced trading platform.

    • Install MT4 Trading Platform
    • Open & Close Orders
    • Modify Orders and Get to Know The Terminal Window
    • Perform Pending Orders
    • Perform Trailing Stop and Revise Profit Display
    • Objects and Indicators
    • Display Definitions, Pattern, and Profiles

    Forex Beginner

    Learn the basics about online Forex trading and acquire the needed experience to begin your forex trading journey

    • Forex Advantages
    • Basic Forex Terms
    • Types of Orders
    • Wining Strategies
    • Glossary of Concepts

    Advanced Trader

    Improve your trading skills with in-depth tutorials about Fibonacci numbers, candlestick trading, and risk control

    • Forex World
    • Candlestick Trading
    • Calculating Risk
    • Support and Resistance
    • Trend and Trend Lines
    • Gathering and Announcements
    • Fibonacci Numbers
    • The Trader's Full Dictionary

    Trading Strategies

    Extensive list of trading strategies catered for all trading levels.

    Trading Strategy for Beginners

    • Trend Signal Strategy
    • Tunnel Strategy
    • Fractal Strategy
    • Fishing Strip Strategy

    Trading Strategies for Advanced Traders

    • Zigzag Breaker Strategy
    • Wave Tracker Strategy
    • T-Chaser Strategy
    • Fibo Trap Strategy
    • Zoom in Strategy

    Semi-Automatic Trading Strategies
    • Downloading and Installing the Files
    • Explanations for Using the Strategy
    • Conditions for the Butterfly Pattern
    • Conditions for the Bat Pattern
    • Conditions for the Gartly Pattern
    • Conditions for the Crab Pattern

    To start watching please CLICK HERE
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