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Prophet VTL Expert Advisor for Vertex FX

Discussion in 'Platform Trading' started by osaitech5551, Jun 23, 2016.

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    The Prophet VTL Expert Advisor is an innovative client-side VTL script that trades based on market direction during specific trading session.
    It is based on range of the High and Low of the previous bar and two bars ago.

    The concept behind this Expert Advisor is that when the weighted range of the previous bar and two bars ago is above a specific threshold a BUY or SELL signal is generated which indicates a breakout in the direction of the direction of the trade.

    By placing a tight stop-loss of a few pips, and trailing stop to trail profitable positions it maximizes its profits and minimizes losses.

    The Expert Advisor evaluates entry and exit rules at the close of each candle which are described in more details in Descripction.



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