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PrimeBit - The Fair Way to Trade Crypto

Discussion in 'Tips & Trik Investasi, Trading, dan Mining Crypto' started by PrimeBit, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    I’m a member of the PrimeBit team. For the last months, we’ve been polishing our new product - PrimeBit, which is a transparent, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform.

    PrimeBit will be open to public tests and trading soon. At the moment everyone can sing up for early registration and get a premium PrimeBit account. The sooner you sign up, the higher benefits you will enjoy with your Platinum, Golden or Silver account.

    PrimeBit - The Fair Way to Trade Crypto
    PrimeBit is a p2p exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. We put safety and integrity before all. PrimeBit is a democratic, distributed, bottom-up mercantile exchange for digital currency.

    We built PrimeBit a complex p2p trading platform that drives an intuitive, simple and transparent contract exchange for everyone.

    With PrimeBit you can trade with other members of the community. With PrimeBit perpetual fixed-point value contracts, there’s no expiry date to your trades!

    What is PrimeBit?
    • P2P Trading - exchange contracts directly with others

    • No expiry dates - trade perpetual contracts with no limits to your profits

    • Fixed point value - easy to understand price model with linear returns

    • Fair price marking - your stop losses and stop-outs based on transparent external benchmarks
    • Full Transparency - we make sure everyone is on the same page

    • High leverage - you can buy a contract worth 200x more than your funds

    Let us know what you think and sign up for early access. Once PrimeBit is available we’ll let you know, so you can enjoy the benefits of your premium account from the first day.
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