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Powerful XEN Forex VPS Server for Traders and more.

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    XEN VPS Forex for Forex / MetaTrader (MT4) from WINNERvps, is trusted and stable, at the best price ever! A Virtual Private Server from WINNERvps is housed in a high specification data center, and it is built to never fail. This allows automated Forex Traders the peace of mind knowing their MT4 platform will always be on, taking and closing trades, as it should. We provide a High Quality VPS, with High Level Security and Extra Protection (Anti DDoS) and We are Experts when it comes to Forex VPS Hosting. As we are expert in delivering 100% powerful and high-tech VPS to Forex Customers, we believe that we can do the same with Non-Forex Clients.
    Remember XEN VPS can not be oversold and is as close as it gets to having a dedicated server!

    512 MB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
    1 vCPU Intel Xeon
    10 GB SSD
    1 Dedicated IP
    1 TB BW on 1 GBps Network
    Windows 2003 R2 32-bit/64-bit
    From $6.99 / mo

    1 GB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
    1 vCPU Intel Xeon
    20 GB SSD
    1 Dedicated IP
    2 TB BW on 1 GBps Network
    Windows 2003 R2 32-bit/64-bit
    From $12.99 / mo

    2 GB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
    2 vCPU Intel Xeon
    30 GB SSD
    1 Dedicated IP
    3 TB BW on 1 GBps Network
    Windows 2003 R2 32-bit/64-bit
    Windows 2008 R2 64-bit / Windows 2012
    From $23.99 / mo
    512 MB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
    512 MB Swap
    1 vCPU Intel Xeon
    10 GB SSD
    1 Dedicated IP
    500 GB BW on 1 GBps Network
    Choices of OS
    From $4.99 / mo

    1 GB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
    1 GB MB Swap
    1 vCPU Intel Xeon
    25 GB SSD
    1 Dedicated IP
    1 TB BW on 1 GBps Network
    Choices of OS
    From $9.99 / mo

    2 GB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
    2 GB Swap
    2 vCPU Intel Xeon
    50 GB SSD
    1 Dedicated IP
    2 TB BW on 1 GBps Network
    Choices of OS
    From $18.99 / mo

    4 GB ECC DDR3 RAM Dedicated Xen
    4 GB Swap
    2 vCPU Intel Xeon
    75 GB SSD
    4 TB BW on 1 GBps Network
    Choices of OS
    From $36.99 / mo
    Extra 1 vCPU : $3 / mo
    Extra 2 vCPU : $7 / mo
    Extra 3 vCPU : $12 / mo
    Extra 4 vCPU : $18 / mo
    Extra 1 IP Address : $1 / mo (Justification Required)
    Dedicated CPU : $15 / mo (available on 2 GB and 4 GB only)
    Arch Linux 2014 64-bit
    CentOS 5.11 64-bit
    CentOS 5.11 Gnome Desktop 64-bit
    CentOS 5.9 Cpanel 64-bit
    CentOS 5.9 Virtualmin 64-bit
    CentOS 6.5 Virtualmin 64-bit
    CentOS 6.6 64-bit
    CentOS 6.6 Cpanel 64-bit
    CentOS 6.6 Gnome Desktop 64-bit
    CentOS 7.0 64-bit
    CloudLinux 6.4 64-bit
    Debian 7.6 Wheezy 64-bit
    Debian 7.6 Wheezy Desktop 64-bit
    Fedora 21 64-bit
    Fedora 21 Desktop 64-bit
    Gentoo 2014 64-bit
    Scientific Linux 5.10 64-bit
    Scientific Linux 6.6 64-bit
    Scientific Linux 6.6 Gnome Desktop 64-bit
    Scientific Linux 7.0 64-bit
    Slackware 14.1 64-bit
    Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit
    Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop 64-bit

    • Bravo (Artificial Intelligent Server Management) – (C) by WINNERvps
    • 100% Pure XEN VPS Technology: Cannot be Oversold nor Overcomitted - Dedicated Resources
    • 100% Automatic using High Technology System (AutoBoot, AutoReboot, AutoNotification, AutoSMS, AutoLimit, etc.)
    • Dedicated IP (with Registered Exclusive IP)
    • Automatic Email & SMS Notification on Every Reboot (100% VPS Uptime Management)
    • Automatic Email & SMS Notification on Every High Usage Attempt (100% Load and Network Management)
    • 1 GBps Network and Port Speed (Unmetered)
    • Bandwidth & Disk I/O VPS Monitoring Graphs
    • Unlimited Reboot (Start / Shutdown) through 1-click WHMCS
    • Unlimited Rebuild (Reformat / Change OS) through 1-click SolusVM
    1. Multisession Protection
    2. DDoS Protection (Anti DDoS)
    3. Bruteforce & Hammering Protection
    4. Multi CPU Core VPS
    5. High Speed SSD HDD
    6. Windows RDP Ready: Optimization and Tweaks
    7. Maintaining and Monitoring Uptime (both Server and VPS)
    8. Maintaining and Monitoring Load and Network per Server
    9. Customer Oriented through Forex Expertise and Experienced Staff
    10. 100% Speed and Trading Satisfaction Performed

    How long does it take to process my order and have my VPS ready to access?
    Instant activation with 1-click automatic processing. In roughly 5 minutes your VPS should be ready.
    What type of payment do you accept?
    Paypal, VISA/MASTERCARD, Bank BCA Indonesia, Bank Mandiri Indonesia,
    Amazing. How could you offer such crazy low prices for us?
    Efficiency, effectiveness, low overhead, humility and a positive business approach! Our private company remains debt-free. We reinvest in our products to best serve our customers.
    Your PRO and ECN price points seem high. Why?
    For these premium packages, we offer our ultimate quality, akin to Apple, Inc. products. Please consider joining our Premium community to experience its outstanding benefits.
    Can people sign up using a fake name and address to order?
    We discourage any use of invalid identification. For security purposes, emergency inquiries or support for active services, we will ask for valid, current personal data.
    Can I use someone else's bank account (friends/families) to make payments?
    Yes. Just make sure you submit the correct invoice number along with the payment.
    What are you server spesification?
    All of our servers are equipped with at least:
    Prosesor: Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge Series w/ minimal of 12 Cores
    Memory: 64GB DDR3 ECC
    HDD: 4 x 3GB SATA3 WD Enterprise Drives (RAID 10)
    HDD: 2 x 256GB Samsung 840 PRO SSDs in RAID10 for caching
    RAID: LSI 9271 /w Cachevault and Cachecade
    Network Port: 1 GBps (out of 1 GBps Network Speed)
    Where will my VPS (assgined server) be located?
    USA: Phoenix – AZ (West USA), NYC - New York (East USA),
    Europe: Northern Europe / Gravelines - FR (Europe), Paris - FR (Europe),
    North USA: Quebec City - CA (Canada).
    We also have a 3 to 5 ms latency to UK (London), directly connected to LIX (London Internet Exchange). We plan to add locations soon.
    Do you offer managed services in your regular VPS?
    Although we offer unmanaged services on all of our VPS plans, it doesn't mean we do not care. Our team will manage and handle all of your support requests with a good amount of effort. Even if we can't comprehend or understand what is inside the VPS, we will try to assist at best we can.
    Do you offer 24/7/365 Support?
    Can I switch plans?
    Yes you may, We will require one reboot (off-on) process to complete the task without the worries of losing your data.
    How do I avoid running on "Low on Virtual Memory?"
    Please keep all programs running at less than 90% of your total memory. For example, if you have a 1 GB of memory, operate at maximum 900 MB running at PF usage before you disconnect from the VPS. We also offer a utility called RAM Usage Monitor. You might consider using it at the download section.
    What will happen if I am a target of DDoS attack or related abusive activities?
    We will only rate-limit your resources and send you a warning. This will be done automatically by our system (Bravo), unless we detect a 'network' problem violating our policy in TOS.
    How many MT4 can be run on a VPS?
    Please see our VPS Tutorial or feel free to consult with us at sales@winnervps.com
    Is there any tutorial for a beginner?
    Yes. Please visit this link https://winnervps.com/category/02-winnervps-guide/
    Do you have a Partnership Program or sort of Discounts?
    Just drop us a message at parthership@winnervps.com
    Other Inquiries
    Brokers Latency: https://winnervps.com/brokers-latency-live/
    Test IP & Looking Glass: https://winnervps.com/looking-glass/
    Terms of Service: https://winnervps.com/terms-of-service/
    FAQ: https://winnervps.com/category/01-frequently-ask-questions/
    Tutorial VPS Forex: https://winnervps.com/category/03-forex-vps-guide/
    Email us: sales [at] winnervps.com
    Phone / WhatsApp: +62-8577-1155-011
    Skype: winnervps
    atau dapat menghubungi saya langsung
    Harry Wirawardhana
    email: harry [at] winnervps.com
    My Phone: +62-818-0777-1779
    My Skype: moengoet
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