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MT4“G7 carried out concerted intervention action to the forex marketâ€￾

Discussion in 'Diskusi Forex' started by ikonfx, Mar 23, 2011.

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    G7 announced the statement that they will closely concern the forex market. The Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada and the European Central Bank will interpose in the forex market jointly on 18th March.
    G7 statement also said that the successive and disorder fluctuation will be harmful to economy and finance stability; however, G7 is optimistic to flexibility of Japanese economy and financing industry.
    The senior trader of Okasan Securities, Tsutomu Soma said affected by Japanese authority intervention action, USD/JPY hiked and may up to 82.00, but difficult to break 82.00.
    The forex strategist of the Reserve Bank of Scotland, Grey Gibbs said that the G7 forex joint communiqué is key factor to support the concerted intervention of all of the central banks.
    At Beijing time 08:21, USD/JPY was 80.87/90, EUR/JPY was 113.15/21, GBP/JPY was 130.25/33 and AUD/JPY was 79.77/85.â€￾
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