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In 2017 Inflation rate will force Fed's to rise interest rates above current level

Discussion in 'Analisa Fundamental' started by World-Signals, Sep 19, 2016.

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    After seven days of consolidation for euro/dollar in Friday the data in US tilt the scales in Dollar's favor. Consolidation was at levels about 1.1250, as the inflation rate for August were above average expectations. World-Signals.com predict that the inflation rate will be the main reason for Fed's rates to rise next year. The main focus this week will be for FOMC Rate Decision, where we don't expect changes in Fed's rate policy.
    World-Signals.com strategy this week will be to bet on the US Dollar and expect levels about 1.1070.
    The key support levels this week will be at 1.1070 and resistance at 1.1225.
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