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How did I earn 7 USDT from Remitano?

Discussion in 'Tutorial, Artikel dan Berita Cryptocurrency' started by chuong1234, May 19, 2020.

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    Surfing the Internet for giveaway events and luckily, I got that one. Let’s take a look at what it really is!

    I’ve just completed joining Remitano system to earn 7 USDT. Is it cool? What I've done to get free coins? Let me share with you:

    • First, I’ve created an account on Remitano in Indonesian market. After that, I've provided my documents to verify. That's the first step, I've earned 2 USDT for this task.

    • Next, I threw 20 USDT to create my first trade to earn 7 USDT.

    This is really a great chance to earn money. If you plan to join crypto world, what are you waiting for?

    > Read the announcement on Remitano

    Wish you win much money!
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