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Fundamental Analysis 4/02/2014

Discussion in 'Broker dan IB' started by olofx.com, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Fundamental Analysis 4/02/2014
    The Euro (1.3511) is checking the opposition zone of 1.3540-75 now after it indicated a move in the direction of 1.33 and even 1.31. The bearish momentum may increase underneath 1.3450 while any likely bounce may face good selling force.
    Dollar-Yen (101.24) is firmly trading below the bull market characterising support grade of 101.50-101.90 to signal the accept market. Staying underneath 102.50-103.50, we may glimpse a excursion in the direction of 98 in the coming days.
    The Euro-Yen traverse (136.88) achieved our second target of 137 too and got nearer to the major support of 135. No sign of power is evident yet and all rallies may face good trading force.
    Even the cable (1.6302) could not escape this carnage and dwindled to 1.63, below which a fall to 1.6175-1.62 is likely. A shatter of 1.617 would open a gigantic downside.
    The Aussie (0.8757), currently beaten blue and black, is somewhat unscathed after it has bounced from the major support of 0.87 but must proceed overhead 0.8830 and then 0.89 to make it significant. Otherwise, it could be in hazard of seeing a collapse in the direction of 0.8500.
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