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Forex"Whether JPY can ‘move on’ or not? "

Discussion in 'Diskusi Forex' started by ikonfx, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Forex"Strongly supported by 5 average lines on last trading day, the forex price of USD/JPY began the first growth on single day since New Year, and the major average lines were broke continuously.

    Thanks to the labor force market data of United States and ISM index of service industry are all better than the expectation; the investors raised their hopes of economic recovery prospects of United States.

    On Wednesday, the stock market in United States became good at the same time, after the dollar index broke 80, USD/JPY had the bull market, therefore, the JPY appreciation prospects was effectively contained.

    The jobless claims last week will be released on Thursday; it will have certain effects on the forex price trend. "

    Forex trend analysis based on forex analyst – You Zhou

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