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Forex Rebate Weekly: the highest discounts on spread!

Discussion in 'Broker dan IB' started by Forex Rebate Weekly, Jan 10, 2014.

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    Dear traders, portal users and guests!
    We proudly present you a new project: Forex Rebate Weekly . It is a system of partial repaying of spread after each deal is made.
    An official partner of the project is InstaForex Company, which has come to deserve the title of a leader in this financial sphere. Forex Rebate Weekly helps traders to obtain additional profit through partial abatement of spread at regular trades on the international currency market with InstaForex Company.
    Forex Rebate Weekly project enables traders to get real money for deals with InstaForex international broker. You just trade as you usually do and have another USD 16 for each market lot made (USD 1.6 for an InstaForex lot). The service is rendered without any fee.
    In order to become a fully-fledged member of Forex Rebate Weekly, one has to carry out three simple operations:
    - Open a real trading account with InstaForex;
    - Register it within the Forex Rebate Weekly system;
    - Have a week of active trading, open and close deals, to get USD 16 for each market lot traded the following week.
    The Forex Rebate Weekly project implies the highest possible part of spread credited back to you from every deal you made. There are few companies who can boast of rendering such beneficial conditions to its clients. InstaForex is one of them and its customers enjoy most favorable trading terms!
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