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DPO (Detrended Price Oscillator) Indicator for Vertex Fx

Discussion in 'Indikator dan EA' started by frx, Jul 11, 2015.

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    The Detrended Price Oscillator indicator (DPO) is a client side VTL Script used to remove trend from price in Vertex Fx Chart. This is done in order to identify and isolate short-term cycles. DPO is not typically aligned with the most current prices. It is offset to the left (the past) which helps to remove current trend. Because it is offset to the past, the DPO is not considered a momentum oscillator. It only measures past prices against a Simple Moving Average as a way to gauge a cycle's high/low range as well as typical duration.
    The Detrended Price Oscillator indicator (DPO) compares past prices to a displaced (shifted to the past) Simple Moving Average. The SMA is displayed a Zero Line, with DPO fluctuating between positive (above the line) and negative (below the line) values. Simply put, a positive values means that price was above the SMA and a negative value means price was below the SMA.

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