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Dollar index had an indissoluble bond with Side-by-side White Line?

Discussion in 'Diskusi Forex' started by ikonfx, Jan 10, 2011.

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    In dollar index aspect, the USD made five side-by-side white lines continuously last week to go up strongly.

    As a result, it closed at high level of 81.11 and made the long side-by-side line around 81.08, standing on the 30 times line, staying at the triangle consolidation shape.

    And the upside of USD stayed nearby 88; also the technical indicator is strong with strong K line.

    The predicted resistance was 81.5, 82 and 82.3 while the around assistance was 80.6, 80.2 and 80.

    The level nearby the short-term average line needs a process of retracement, if it is effective, the dollar index will go up.

    Forex trend analysis based on forex analyst – You Zhou

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