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Difference Between Forex Margin and Forex Firm Offer Operation

Discussion in 'Diskusi Forex' started by ikonfx, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Most of the banks in the Chinese mainland have launched its foreign exchange (forex)firm offer business service, however compared to the foreign exchange (forex)margin operation; the forex firm offer operation has many deficiency or shortcomings.

    First of all, it is the excessive spread. The spread of the foreign exchange (forex)firm offer is big, leading to great reduction for the customers to profit. However, the spread of the forex margin operation is the spread of the banks, which make the customers operate on intraday at any time.

    And then, the foreign exchange(forex) firm offer traders only profit from some certain direction.

    But the foreign exchange margin operation can keep or release at investor's own pleasure to the forex market.

    And the biggest advantage is the leverage function of the foreign exchange(forex) margin
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