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Discussion in 'Platform Trading' started by bullseyemarkets, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Technical Analysis on EUR USD or AUD USD

    EUR/USD Pair Makes the Moves to High On Monday's

    Acknowledgment over that level would discredit the uncertainty signal by long wicks joined to Monday's light and suggest a continuation of the recovery rally from the Nov. 11 low of 1.1745 toward the Nov. 9 high of the level by 1.1920.

    On the other hand, a move below Monday's low of level 1.1814 would suggest a finish of the ricochet from the Nov. 11 low and move risk for a re-trial of 1.1745. A violation there would uncover the Nov. 4 low of 1.1602.

    The quick movement would stay nonpartisan as long as the pair is stuck inside Monday's trading of 1.1814-1.1869.

    AUD/USD Analysis Goes Up For the Bumpy Road Above at the Level 0.7300

    AUD/USD keeps mellow increases above at the level by 0.7300, presently around 0.7322, during early Tuesday.

    Among them, the month to a month high of the level 0.7340, set apart on November 09, could turn into the first to frustrate the transient buyers in front of guiding them to in excess of a three-week-old opposition line, close to 0.7370 at this point.

    For a situation where the AUD/USD bulls overlook RSI conditions, additionally beat the key protections expressed over, the 0.7400 round-figures and the yearly top encompassing 0.7440 will be at the center of attention.

    Then again, a drawback break of 0.7270/75 help conversion, including the expressed SMA and a fortnight-long rising pattern line, should slip below a momentary level zone around 0.7240/45 to review the bears.

    In general, the continuous potential gain force is probably going to proceed, however with a couple of remedial pullbacks.
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