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A detailed overview of scaling trading strategy

Discussion in 'Diskusi Forex' started by sandysr, Jun 30, 2017.

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    Forex scalping is trading the market in a very short time frame. Traders who scalp the market in their trades are called scalpers in Forex. Though not many traders support Forex scalping, it is very profitable if you can do it right. We are not going to encourage you to leave your other strategies and trade the market with scalping strategy, but you should know if it is good or bad for you. There are many types of traders in the market and what is bad for you may be very good for the other traders in the market. Most of the professional traders in Singapore prefer scalping as their prime trading strategy as it allows them to make a quick profit in the market. In general, every single one of them trades with the reputed brokers like Saxo since they offer an excellent trading environment to their clients. Unlike the professional traders, the novice traders execute high lot size trade without having any valid trade setup and thus loses money. But before you become a professional scalper you must know how the system actually works in the financial market.

    Good and bad of Forex scalping
    Before we say the good and bad sides of scalping, keep in mind that every trader uses a different strategy. There is no wrong strategy in Forex. Even with the most successful and widely used strategies, traders are losing in the market. Traders are making profits in dollars by some many small and simple strategies. It is not the strategy that is important, you have to understand which type of strategy works for you. To be honest in order to become a full-time trader you need to develop your own trading system in the market. If you think that you can easily make a huge amount of money by using other traders trading strategy then you are completely wrong. You need to focus on quality trade execution in the market based on your own trading strategy. Try to develop the system based on your personality so that you don’t get emotional when placing the trades in the market

    Good side of scalping
    The best side of scalping is the money. Scalping gives the traders plenty of money in the forex trading industry. There are many professional traders in Forex who use this strategy in the market to place trades. Though they take high risks in the market, their profit and return on investment are very high. If you can scalp perfectly in the market, you will not need any other thing in your life.

    Also, scalping is very short timed. You do not need to sit at your computer for days and nights. You can place trades on the market and close them when you have made profits. It will only take some minutes in your lives. No need to keep them open for weeks and monitor them every day.

    Bad sides of scalping
    Everything has a good and bad side. Scalping also has some bad sides too. In scalping, you have to take very big risks. Your investment will be always at risks. You also have to be an experienced trader. New traders cannot do scalping. You need perfect knowledge of the market and of the chart in your Forex trading platform. You can have money in scalping if you have them. If you are not experienced and also, do not have a large account, you cannot scalp in Forex. Scalping needs a large account.

    Conclusion: If you can scalp the market and make money, it is good for you. If you are losing money, do not try scalping. Scalping is one of the most dangerous trading strategy yet very profitable. When you execute the orders in the shorter time frame always focus on quality trade setups and follow proper risk management in every single trade. Never place any trade based on your emotions in the market.

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